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For models 41215 and 41218, three hooks are available (1 in the middle of the roof joint and one at each end) to place to your convenience:

1.  One large light fixture                     or
2.  Two smaller light fixtures                or
3.  Three small light fixtures                or
4.  Other light accessories of your choice

Can handle a heavy snow load

The 12 x 18 model comes with double doors that make an 82” opening. The large opening will make it easier for large objects to be brought in.

To our knowledge, some of our units have sustained only minor damages from Hurricane Sandy.

Our units are a heavier structure than competition’s models.

If the screening happens to tear, it is easily removable and replaceable.

The wind panels can slide all the way down to the bottom of the Solarium or open in any of the 5 or more positions of the Solarium, allowing maximum air circulation. (Other models can only open one section at a time, it represents approximately 28 inches.)

Not using protruding nuts therefore cleaner finish.

The door handles allow consumers to decide whether they would prefer having the door open to the left or to the right.

The 12 x 12 and the 12x15 models come with two single doors each.

One door was put to open to the right and the other to the left as per the installer choice

The metal plates that cover the roof joints are made bigger and offer nicer esthetical appearance.

Both ends of the door rail are closed off to keep bugs from entering in and reproducing.

Competition model’s window positions.

Competition model’s window positions.

Advantage of Solarium