Driveway markers 

A large selection available.

Driveway marker reflector

Indicator Pole or Metal indicator pole

Aluminium with reflective # or with black #

Driveway market staft

Spring driveway marker floor or ground

Single/Two colour driveway marker

Spiral pointe driveway marker

​Offset driveway marker & reflector

Shrub Covers

Protect your shrubs and plants from the snow with our sturdy polyethylene covers. They easily install over a flexible, fiberglass frame and includes four plastic stakes for anchoring to the ground. Folds up easily for storage. Comes in assorted sizes.

                   22" x 22" x 24" / 560mm x 720mm

                   22" x 22" x 44" / 720mm x 960mm

                  28" x 28" x 34" / 870mm  x 1050mm

                36" x 36" x 40" / 1020mm  x  1200mm

​                 40" x 40" x 44" / 560mm  x 1150mm

​​​4660 Hickmore 
Montreal, QC H4T 1K2

514-276-3485 / 800-737-7174

Simple Rink

10' x 20' Backyard Skating Rink

Affordable * Easy to Set Up

Recyclable * Made in Canada

The Simple Rink is a sturdy bag that unfolds into a rectangular rink, holding water in the proper shape to freeze into a smooth, ice surface. Good for one season, the bag allows 2-3 inches of water to freeze in one shot, removing the need for repeated flooding and freezing. An occasional spray of water will keep it smooth.